Use our pre- and post-QTR surveys to evaluate the impact of Quality Teaching Rounds in your school.

We believe in supporting teachers and school leaders as best we can in the planning, implementation and evaluation of Quality Teaching Rounds.

Planning and implementation

Implementing QTR in your school can produce significant benefits for students, staff and the wider school community.

It’s important that the key features of QTR are adhered to in order to ensure maximum impact. Key features and planning and implementation strategies are provided in detail during the two-day Quality Teaching Rounds Foundational Workshop, or alternatively we can provide tailored advice and support for your school.


Evaluating the impact Quality Teaching Rounds is having in your school is an important part of the process. We can offer tailored support including comprehensive pedagogical audits, assessment audits, fidelity checks, and qualitative analysis, which can assist in setting goals and identify professional learning needs.

We also offer a number of tools to help you do your own evaluation.

Here are two of our most popular resources:

QTR Surveys

These surveys can provide great insights into how both students and teachers believe Quality Teaching Rounds has improved teaching and learning. They can be implemented once during the year (e.g. Term 2 annually) or at two or more timepoints in order to track change within that school year (e.g. Term 1 and Term 3).

Post QTR teacher reflections

This reflection template is a great space for teachers to document their key learnings from participation in Quality Teaching Rounds. Reflecting in this way provides teachers qualitative data to focus on developing their practice, capabilities and ongoing professional growth.

Developing your school plan?

Download Quality Teaching Rounds and School Excellence to help with your school planning process. This document, produced by our team of researchers and teachers, includes mapping to the NSW School Excellence Framework and references to What Works Best. It also provides generic templates for or incorporating QTR into the strategic direction section of your school plan.

Did you know? More resources and tools are available to our members in the Members’ Area.