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We understand the complexity of teaching.

We’re empowering teachers across Australia through high impact, research-backed professional development. We passionately advocate for teachers and teaching and support a community of members connected by a shared vision of quality teaching for every student every day.

Our ground-breaking Quality Teaching Rounds program has improved teaching and learning outcomes for more than 4,700 teachers and 785,000 students since 2014.

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months of additional growth in mathematics and reading
for the students whose teachers participated in QTR compared to the control group
Australian schools have engaged with Quality Teaching Rounds

What is the QT Model?

The QT Model clearly articulates teaching that makes a difference for students. Applicable across grades, subjects and approaches to teaching, the QT Model addresses curriculum, student engagement and classroom equity. It was developed in 2003 by University of Newcastle researchers and has been the NSW Department of Education’s endorsed framework for quality teaching ever since.

The QT Model is at the heart of all our professional development.

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Improve student achievement with Quality Teaching Rounds

Quality Teaching Rounds is high impact professional development that makes a significant difference for teachers and students. Using the QT Model and powerful collaborative processes, QTR empowers teachers to analyse and refine their practice. Randomised controlled trials have demonstrated that QTR improves the quality of teaching, teacher morale, and student academic achievement in literacy and numeracy.

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Two decades of research shows that QTR improves:
  1. Student achievement
  2. Quality of teaching
  3. Teacher morale
  4. School culture

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