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Quality Teaching in Practice Conference 2022
The Quality Teaching Academy understands and honours the complexity of teaching

We’re empowering teachers across Australia through research-backed professional development, advocating for the teaching profession, and supporting a community of educators connected by a shared vision of quality teaching for every student, every day. Our ground-breaking Quality Teaching Rounds program has been shown to improve student achievement, teacher morale and school culture.

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25 %
Additional growth in mathematics
For the students whose teachers participated in QTR compared to the control group
Australian schools have engaged with Quality Teaching Rounds
Go digital with scalable online delivery

Our flagship program, Quality Teaching Rounds (QTR), can be undertaken in face-to-face and online formats. Whether you’re in a remote region, a small school with limited options for collaboration, or need to navigate Covid-19 restrictions but don’t want to compromise your professional development, we have a solution for you.

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Improve student achievement with Quality Teaching Rounds

Quality Teaching Rounds (QTR) is high impact professional development that makes a significant difference for teachers and students. It uses a collaborative, teacher-led framework that allows teachers to analyse and refine their pedagogical practice. Our research has shown it can improve student achievement by up to 25%, as well as positively impacting school culture and teacher morale.

The QTR journey takes place in three steps:
  1. Getting started
  2. Implementing in your school
  3. Evaluating the impact
QTR for your school