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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can QTR be linked to staff professional development plans?

    The QTR process is explicitly designed to support professional learning and dialogue.   

    Using the Quality Teaching Model in observations as part of a performance review process has the potential to undermine its value. A teacher may choose to use the Model or their experience of Rounds to guide reflection on their own practice and share insights with a colleague as part of their professional development. 

  • Can the lesson observation codes be collected as data for evaluating QTR?

    Prior to starting Rounds, the school executive should have a clear understanding of the purpose, underlying principles and confidential nature of QTRThe codes provide a starting point for discussions rather than functioning as a blunt measurement tool. If PLC members agree, de-identified consensus codes could be collected at the end of a set of Rounds as part a school-wide focus on improving teaching and learning. But simple comparisons of lessons should be avoided given the diverse contexts in which lessons occurs.

  • Can we do half day Rounds?

    Quality Teaching Rounds are designed to be conducted over a full school day and we advocate for a full day release for teachers each Round to respect the intensive professional learning that takes place. The results of our randomised controlled trials are based on teachers participating in full day Rounds.

    Due to resource constraints, some schools choose to implement half day Quality Teaching Rounds. The essential features of QTR must be followed irrespective of full or half day Rounds.