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Our early career teacher white paper unpacks the challenges beginning teachers face. The white paper, Supporting early career teachers and sustaining quality teaching in schools, covers the key literature on teacher induction. This includes the variety between schools and education systems and the characteristics of effective induction practices.

Key Points

  • In the context of widespread teacher shortages, strong support for early career teachers through high quality induction should be a priority.

  • Opportunities to collaborate and form trusting relationships impact on retention and should be central to early career teacher induction.

  • Quality Teaching Rounds (QTR) is a research-backed approach to professional development. It can support induction with positive effects for beginning and experienced teachers.

Teacher shortages are currently a high-profile issue of concern to parents, teachers, principals, policy makers and government. The impact of understaffed classrooms is wide-ranging, exacerbating untenable workloads and burnout among teachers and principals. This in turn affects student wellbeing and academic outcomes and further entrenches inequities in our education system.

In this context, improving retention must be a focus across all stages of teachers’ careers. However, with attrition of early career teachers in Australia as high as 50 per cent in the first five years of teaching, teacher induction demands special scrutiny.

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