The NSW Department of Education recently released its released School Excellence in Action documents, which included QTR as an example of high impact professional learning. The Department also references QTR in the What works best: 2020 update.

As part of our role in supporting teachers and school leaders, we have a range of tools and resources available to our members and broader education community.

‘Quality Teaching Rounds and school excellence’ is a publicly available resource developed by our team of experienced teachers and researchers to support you in the current stage of your school’s planning cycle. It contains:

  • Mapping to the School Excellence Framework with reference to the What Works Best themes;
  • Templates for incorporating QTR into the strategic direction section of your school plan; and,
  • Tools for evaluating and reporting on the impact of QTR in your school.

Quality Teaching Rounds (QTR) is a rigorously tested approach to professional development that is strongly endorsed by the NSW Department of Education.

QTR is relevant to all teachers regardless of their role, career stage, or subject area, and has demonstrated positive effects on student outcomes, the quality of teaching, teacher morale and school culture.