When it comes to better outcomes in Australian classrooms, University of Newcastle Laureate Professor Jenny Gore has done her homework.

It’s said the apple never falls far from the tree, but although her mother worked as a teacher before Professor Gore became one herself, she said serendipity played a big part in her academic journey which has revolutionised teacher professional development.

“I guess I’ve always felt that we can do more in teaching to get better outcomes, to me the most important things are to ensure that we’re delivering quality to really try to do something to address inequities that have been enduring for way too long, and to support teachers,” she said.

“Some people have tried to improve teaching by increasing regulations and standards and blaming teachers for not doing a good enough job, and what my commitment has always been is recognising the great qualities of teachers and important work of teaching in a way that can actually lead to powerful outcomes for teachers and students, rather than setting up what sometimes feels like barriers to good teaching.”

Professor Gore has been awarded a Member of the Order of Australia (AM) in this year’s Australia Day Honours.

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Written by Madeline Link.


This article was originally published by the Newcastle Herald on 26 January 2024.