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QTR Digital: Supporting teachers in small, rural and remote schools

Teachers in small, rural and remote schools face unique challenges, not least among them, accessing high quality professional development. Join Associate Professor Jess Harris for a one-hour webinar on how participation in QTR Digital has had a positive impact for teachers in these schools and how this approach can help with a range of common challenges in these contexts.  

Webinar information 

This webinar is for teachers, school and system leaders who are interested in using Digital tools to engage in collaborative forms of PD, including QTR.  

Jess will discuss results from our recent randomised controlled trial on QTR Digital and how this approach has multiple benefits for teachers and students in small, regional and remote schools.   

Session details 

This webinar will examine some of the complexities and challenges of developing and implementing QTR across schools using digital technologies. It will further highlight the benefits of participating in high-quality collaborative PD for teachers and students regardless of their location. 

Participants will gather a greater understanding of Quality Teaching Rounds Digital. It will provide teachers and school leaders with the evidence base for this approach and how it can be applied within their own school settings.  


This webinar can be recorded in NESA eTams as Elective PD for 60 minutes. 

Further information regarding NESA’s maintenance of accreditation transition arrangements can be found here; https://educationstandards.nsw.edu.au/wps/portal/nesa/teacher-accreditation/meeting-requirements/maintaining-accreditation/maintenance-transition-arrangements 

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Webinar is presented online.   

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