Etiquette and rules for engaging with the QT Academy community forum 

The QT Academy community forum is a place to connect with educators who share a vision for quality teaching for every student, every day.

In our community forum you can engage in discussions with all our members, whether they are teachers and principals, education students, our Quality Teaching Rounds Advisers, or University of Newcastle researchers.

Whilst the focus of the Academy is quality teaching and Quality Teaching Rounds, and we hope these will be the central points of many discussion topics, this is your space to connect with other members, have a voice, ask questions, and participate in any teaching-related discussion topic you like.

We just ask that you:

  • Stay on topic. Comments and replies should remain within the scope of the overarching thread. If you have an off-topic question or comment, we invite you to start a new thread.
  • Be courteous and patient in your exchanges.
  • Read your comments before you post them.
  • Avoid using jargon or slang.
  • Avoid “SHOUTING” with the use of capital letters.
  • Express your views in a respectful way and respect the views of others, even if you disagree with them.
  • Respect copyright. Ensure that any work you post is your own, or if using another person’s work as examples reference appropriately.
  • Do not post the content of discussions elsewhere unless you have the consent of those involved.

We reserve the right to delete any comments including:

  • personal attacks
  • all forms of discrimination
  • posts identifying or sharing the personal information of another person (including children)
  • comments that advertise or promote commercial activities, or repeatedly-share external links
  • comments that are defamatory, breach copyright or put us in legal jeopardy
  • deliberate attempts to misinform, distort facts, provoke or misrepresent the opinions of others
  • other comments at moderators’ discretion

If you have any queries or concerns, please contact our Community Forum Moderator: [email protected]