Premium Survey Measures

Effective Practice
  1. I am a successful teacher.
  2. I am good at helping students learn new things.
  3. I have accomplished a lot as a teacher.
  4. I feel like my teaching is effective and helpful.
Teacher Responsibility
  1. I feel that I have been successful in providing the kind of education that I would like to provide for students.
  2. I am certain that I am making a difference in the lives of my students.
  3. Many of the students I teach are not capable of learning the material I am supposed to teach them.
  4. The attitudes and habits my students bring to my class greatly reduce their chances for academic success.
  5. My success or failure in teaching students is due primarily to factors beyond my control rather than to my own efforts and ability.
  6. Sometimes it is a waste of time to try to do my best as a teacher.
  7. The level of student behaviour in this school interferes with my teaching.
  1. I feel like I belong at this school.
  2. I can really be myself at this school.
  3. I feel like people at this school care about me.
  4. I am treated with respect at this school.
  1. I feel emotionally drained from my work.
  2. I feel used up at the end of the work day.
  3. I feel fatigued when I get up in the morning and have to face another day on the job.
  4. I feel burned out from my work.

  1. There is collaborative practice at this school.
Shared Responsibility
  1. How many teachers in this school meet with other teachers to collaboratively plan?
  2. How many teachers in this school help maintain discipline in the entire school, not just their classroom?
  3. How many teachers in this school take responsibility for improving the school outside their own class?
  4. How many teachers in this school feel responsible to help each other improve their instruction?
Shared Vision
  1. Teachers share the same ambitions and vision for the school.
  2. Teachers enthusiastically pursue collective goals and mission.
  3. There is a commonality of purpose among teachers at this school.
  4. Teachers at this school are committed to the goals of the school.
  5. Teachers view themselves as partners in charting the school direction.
  6. Everyone is in total agreement on our school’s vision.
Teacher Trust
  1. I trust the teachers in this school.
Leadership Trust
  1. I trust senior executive members in my school to keep their word.
  2. The senior executive members have confidence in the expertise of the Teachers at this school.

Excellence and Equity
  1. We promote personalised learning to fulfil the individual capabilities and needs of learners.
  2. We encourage young people to hold high expectations for their educational outcomes.
  3. We promote a socially cohesive society that values cultural, social, linguistic, and religious diversity.
  4. We ensure that learning includes local, regional and national cultural knowledge and experience of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
Student Trust
  1. I have a good relationship with my students.
  2. My student feel they can come to me when they need help beyond academic support (e.g., life matters).
Parent Trust
  1. How many of your students’ parents do their best to help their children learn?
  2. Staff at this school work hard to build trusting relationships with parents.
Confidence and Creativity
  1. Students develop personal values and attributes such as honesty, empathy, loyalty, responsibility, and respect for others.
  2. Students have the imagination, knowledge, skills, understanding and values to establish and maintain healthy, satisfying lives.
  3. Students have the confidence and capability to pursue learning throughout life.
  4. Students relate well to others and form and maintain healthy relationships.
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