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What is Problematic Knowledge? How can it enhance learning experiences? Join our Advisers for a 30-minute webinar unpacking the QT Model element – Problematic Knowledge. During the webinar the Advisers will provide examples of how the element looks in a variety of subject areas/grades and provide advice on how it can be enhanced in classroom and assessment practice.

Webinar information:

This webinar has been designed in response to teachers expressing a desire to dig deeper into the elements of the QT Model to guide discussions about quality teaching.

This semester we will be hosting four webinars to unpack different elements of the QT Model. The other webinars include:

Metalanguage (18th August)

Cultural Knowledge (3rd November)

Explicit Quality Criteria (24th November).


For teachers in NSW, this webinar can be recorded in NESA eTams as Elective PD for 30 minutes.

Further information regarding NESA’s maintenance of accreditation transition arrangements can be found here; https://educationstandards.nsw.edu.au/wps/portal/nesa/teacher-accreditation/meeting-requirements/maintaining-accreditation/maintenance-transition-arrangements

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