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The QT Model and Quality Teaching Rounds are powerful tools to drive improvement in all school contexts. This webinar will explore the ways QTR has been embedded in Schools for Specific Purposes (SSPs), Distance Education Schools and Environmental Education Centres.

Webinar information:

This webinar is for teachers, school and system leaders who are interested in how the QT Model and QTR can be used to improve outcomes for students and teachers across a variety of school settings.

Dr Leanne Fray will report on a research project involving QTR implementation in an SSP. SSPs provide an intensive level of support for students in specialised education settings and the process of school improvement can be complex.

Michelle Ware will lead a discussion with school leaders from Environmental Education Centres and Distance Education Schools on the ways QT and QTR are implemented in their unique schools.


This webinar can be recorded in NESA eTams as Elective PD for 60 minutes.

Further information regarding NESA’s maintenance of accreditation transition arrangements can be found here; https://educationstandards.nsw.edu.au/wps/portal/nesa/teacher-accreditation/meeting-requirements/maintaining-accreditation/maintenance-transition-arrangements

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