About this Event


Thank you for participating in our Strengthening Induction through Quality Teaching Rounds project.

As Principal, you play an integral role in supporting the uptake and integration of the project in your school. To assist you in this role, we are inviting you (or a nominated member of your school leadership team) and a staff member with responsibility for teacher induction to attend a free 90-minute workshop.

The workshop is designed to provide more information about the Strengthening Induction project and the possibilities for your school. In the first half hour, Laureate Professor Jenny Gore will provide a quick overview of the project’s objectives, methodology, and expected outcomes, addressing any questions you might have and sharing some early data on participating schools. In addition, the workshop aims to deepen your understanding of the QT Model and Quality Teaching Rounds (QTR) process through a stimulating hands-on activity. If you have been an active participant in QTR, you may prefer to just attend the first half our speaking section of the workshop.

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